The Actor Who Played Viktor Krum In Harry Potter Looks Totally Unrecognisable Now

Saturday, January 7th 2017. | news

We all remember Viktor Krum right? He appeared in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, represented Durmstrang in the Triwizard tournament and was Hermione’s love interest for a little while before Ron kind of made it obvious that he was in love with her.

Well it has been a whopping 10 years since the fourth instalment of the Harry Potter films was released so we definitely feel like we need a catch up with the actor who portrayed him: Stan Yanevski.

So, here he is looking looking all angsty yet completely swoon-worthy 10 years ago:

And here he is now in 2016:

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image source: Instagram

Seriously, where has this viking-like god been hiding? We think we’ve just witnessed one of the only guys who can rock the long hair AND the man bun simultaneously.

image source: Instagram

image source: Instagram

If this is what this hunky actor has transformed into, we can only hope that the other secondary characters in the Harry Potter series have gone down the same route.

Stan is still in the acting industry, but has only been cast in Bulgarian TV series’ thus far – we’re expecting that this will all change soon!