Michael Phelps’ Adroable Son Is Stealing His Dads Thunder At The Olympics

Monday, February 13th 2017. | news

Michael Phelps is undeniably one of the greatest swimmers to have ever graced this earth.

He first attended the Olympics way back in 2000. At just 15 years of age, he was the youngest male in 68 to make the U.S Olympic swim team and whilst he didn’t win a medal, he did however make the finals and finish fifth in the 200-meter butterfly

At the 2001 World Championships, Phelps not only won his first gold medal, but also became the youngest male ever to set a swim world record.


Since then, the American swimmer has gone on to win 23 gold medals, along with multiple silver and bronze medals in various events as well.

Taking part in the 2016 Rio Olympic games, Phelps has already achieved first place and won a gold medal four times – each one for Men’s 200m butterfly, 4X100m freestyle relay, 4X100m freestyle relay and the 200m individual medley.

It’s pretty impressive, you have to agree.

However, there is one person that seems hell bent on stealing Michael Phelps’ thunder and we bet he doesn’t even realise he is doing it.


Boomer and his mother, Nicole Johnson, have been cheering Michael on poolside at every event and they are arguably the best thing about the 2016 Olympics.

The American model has been photographed amongst the crowd holding the couple’s son and unsurprisingly, looking incredibly proud of her fiancee.

Boomer however, hasn’t always been papped looking quite as happy.


Sporting a pair of headphones decorated with the America flag colours and stars to protect his precious ears from the noise, Boomer has stolen everyones heart.

Ever since photos were captured and published of Michael kissing Boomer after the swimmer won yet another gold medal, the world fell in love.

The photo was enough to make the four time Olympic medallist, Rebecca Adlington become overwhelmed with emotion

With Boomer’s increasing popularity, it was only right that he set up his own Instagram account. Posting photos of him looking very patriotic and always supporting his dad, he has managed to amass 340k followers in just eight weeks. We wonder how long it will take for him to overtake his dad’s number of followers, which currently stands at 1.9m.

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