Meet The Model Who Looks Just Like Angelina Jolie

Monday, March 6th 2017. | news

Now and again the internet stumbles across a celebrity lookalike, and sometimes it takes a lot of convincing to believe a girl who’s just totally copied Adele’s hair and makeup is her real-life doppleganger.

It’s crazy that people are even paying thousands to have surgery just to look like their celebrity idols.

But this Instagram star has such a striking resemblance to actress Angelina Jolie it can’t go unnoticed. And it seems to be all natural too!

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 16.59.37

Model Mara Teigen may already look familiar to you regardless of her Angelina Jolie features. She is a very successful model, having been in campaigns and advertisements for the likes of Milani Cosmetics, Frankie’s Bikinis and more. Her latest big broadcast was in Kylie Jenner’s lip gloss commercial for her knew Lip Kit range.

When you head to her Instagram account, it’s amazing just how much she resembles Hollywood actress Angelina. From the dark hair, crystal eyes and pouted lips, at a first glance you could definitely mistake her for the star.


We call it counted time before Mara starts making the most of her uncanny similarity to Brad Pitt’s stunning wife. What do you think?