Madonna’s Cape Sabotages Her Performance – AGAIN

Friday, January 20th 2017. | news

Will the Queen of pop ever learn from her mistakes?! The 57 year old singer wows audiences across the globe with her stellar performances but it seems that her style choices don’t do anything for her – in fact, they completely screw her over…;

Madonna’s performance at the 2015 Brit Awards took the internet by storm when she fell off her prop because of her extravagant cape.

During her performance of Living For Love, the singer is stood at the top of some fairly high stairs with her cape dangling from the descent. Just as Madonna’s dancers run down the stairs into the next part of the routine, it seems that one of them accidentally got caught on the cape – pulling Madonna, mid-song, to the bottom of the stairs. Take a look…;

The incredible singer makes a full recovery, which she admits to be because she is in great shape. We definitely agree with that, she looks insane! The Queen of pop definitely put into action what any great performer should do when they fall – get up and carry on…;And that is exactly what she did.

But, it seems that Madge hasn’t learnt from her embarrassing experience at the Brits and has fallen during another performance because of – yeah, you know what I’m about to say – A CAPE!

During her performance of Material Girl at Bangkok’s Impact Arena, Madonna got caught in her lavish wedding veil causing her to have to try to escape, and with a hilarious effort; she eventually does…;

We can’t tell if this is some sort of homage to her Brits fall, seeing as its been almost a year since it happened. Happy Anniversary? But, what we do know is; the 57 year old singer is an absolute badass and hasn’t let a cape defeat her yet…;.