Kate Middleton Received This Crazily Expensive Jewelry From The Royal Family

Friday, January 20th 2017. | news

It’s safe to say that Kate Middleton has her fair share of sapphires, diamonds and pearls.

Being a princess means owning some pretty expensive and simply spectacular jewelry, and a lot of what we spot Kate wearing has special meaning and sentiment within the royal family.

In just her first five years of marriage to Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge has worn some incredible pieces of jewelry, some that have either been passed down from the Queen herself, or custom-made/altered especially for Kate.

Here are 18 times Kate has stepped out in some outrageously expensive and incredible jewelry that has been gifted to her by other members of the royal family.

1. The Lotus Flower Tiara

The famous royal tiara was made from a necklace that the Queen received from her husband on their wedding day. It was later given as a gift to Princess Margaret and now to Kate!