How DID James Bay End Up Being Justin Bieber’s Guitarist?

Wednesday, March 8th 2017. | news

When we heard that both Justin Bieber and James Bay were performing at The Brit Awards 2016 we, along with everyone else, got super excited.

But no one could have prepared themselves for the pair making a duo appearance on the Brits stage!

When Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ performance began, we were unexpectedly shown James Bay alongside the international star as his personal guitarist.

In a simply adorable setting with their very own campfire, the two made the perfect pair as Biebs belted out the heartfelt lyrics.

But just exactly how did this odd yet brilliant duet come about?


Bay, who took home the British Male Solo Artist award, performed his number one single ‘Hold Back The River’ at the awards night, but before that he provided Bieber with the tunes for his hit song ‘Love Yourself’.

When asked just exactly how he, James Bay from Hertfordshire in England, got to perform with superstar Bieber when he hasn’t even been in the charts for a full year yet, he replied ‘that’s a very good question’.

He actually met Justin at 4am at an Italian MTV EMA party, as you do!

The first thing he noticed about the superstar was just how good at pool he was.

After then meeting him and his manager at various other events along the way, the two became more and more friendly with each other.

When Justin was in need of a guitarist for his acoustic performance of ‘Love Yourself’ he asked Bay if he ‘fancied it’.

And he thought why on earth not?!

Watch the Bayber moment below: