Celine Dion and Prince Abibi: the spark of a new love

Monday, February 13th 2017. | news

The Saudi prince and notorious playboy, prince Abibi, has been seen in presence of international diva Celine Dion. The two have been entertaining a secret romance since many weeks now, report an anonymous source.

« Celine needs passion, she needs to feel loved » reports the anonymous source and intimate friend of the couple for twenty years now. « Prince Abibi knows how to give her butterflies, her husband just can’t handle the competition. Rene has to wear diapers and is going a bit senile » claims the source. « Celine is completely discouraged by the whole situation, Rene sometimes starts barking at the neighbors dog for hours in the middle of the night. He’s gone completely loony! » she explains. Rumors of an eventual seperation are more and more likely to become true, our source tells us.

« Prince Abibi is filthy rich, he could f**king buy the moon. Rene has no chance! Its prince charming vs the toad! It’s time for Celine to move on ».