Can You Guess Which Celebs Have Been Transformed By This Hilarious Snapchat Filter?

Saturday, February 25th 2017. | news

We could spend hours playing with Snapchat’s hilarious filters and the fact that there are constantly new one’s appearing means we will never get bored.

The beauty of the filters are that they can totally transform your face and turn you into the strangest looking creatures.

Which is what gave us the ingenious idea of using them on the world’s most famous faces to put your celebrity knowledge to the test.

For the hardcore fans amongst you, you should have no problem identifying your favourite celebrities.

However, if you find yourself getting stumped on these hilarious snaps then you are clearly not as devoted as you once thought.

Either way, it is strangely satisfying to see these usually flawless looking celebrities looking far from their best…;

Any ideas?

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