15 Celebrities Who Went Above And Beyond For Their Fans

Saturday, March 11th 2017. | news

Celebrities are often idolised – whether you’re 14 or 40, we all have a celebrity that we look up to in some way, whether it’s their morals, their fashion sense or of course – their talents.

It’s all well and good to follow a celebrity through social media but what would you do if you saw them in real life? It’s a well known phrase that you should never meet your hero, because more likely than not, they won’t meet your expectations.

However, these amazing celebrities definitely surpassed any fan’s expectations of them after doing these incredibly kind things.

So, if you want to to know exactly which celebrities go above and beyond for their fans, take a look at the gallery below…;

1. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber knock knock

He may have got a lot of bad press in the past but Justin went that extra mile for one of his fans who had been seriously ill. He rocked up to her house to throw her a belated surprise Quincenera celebration. Justin bought her a selection of dresses to choose from and the pair danced the night away.