10 Worst Celeb Tattoos

Sunday, January 22nd 2017. | news

Getting a tattoo is a decision that shouldnt be taken lightly as it will more than likely be there for the rest of your life unless you opt for painful laser removal. If youve made the mistake of getting a terrible tatt, here are 10 celebs that will certainly make you feel better. However, if your a One Direction fan, look away now.

10. Louis Tomlinson


Tomlinson is known for his crap tattoos and you would have hoped he learnt from his first mistake. However, it looks like hes gone from bad to worse with his latest inking. In honor of the boy bands single Little Things the artist has a steaming hot cup of tea etched on to his arm, this was inspired by the line; you cant go to bed without a cup of tea. So whats next, a tattoo of a toothbrush?